What I learned from 2017

1. My fear of failure kept me from moving forward with my career, my projects, and my financial security.

2. My children are a reflection of me. I’m not messed up. My dreams for my children may not be their dreams. I don’t watch how other people “parent” their children. College, career, love life, belongs to them. I have their back regardless. My love is unconditional.

3. It’s time to move. Smaller space and less aggravation. I have to shake this bad energy of this house off. Lots of bad memories.

4. My extended family will never understand my immediate families struggle. They will never understand what our pain looks like. Our connection seems forced. People have favorites. I don’t see them as necessities in my life. I realize I was never meant to fit. I will deal with those who deal with me.

5. Love is meant to heal. I am determined to love me first. I am hopeful to find that person who is all in. Willing to help me heal thise old wounds. God will send that one. I believe it. I don’t want no part time love.

6. I am not that friend who will watch you fuck up. I will excuse myself. I will not allow you to use my pain and my secrets for your entertainment. I won’t be nice and i don’t trust everyone. Once I’ve crossed you off thats it.

7. A man or woman with no vision for his or her future will not be successful. Surround yourself with a team of people who will tell you the truth about your business. I will not support any half ass put together business or event.

8. I have a beautiful spirit. I reached out to more people this year via mail to spread some love. No inbox, no instant message, no facetime. Real store bought card and heart felt words. I vowed this year to make other people feel loved. I didn’t feel like i got all the love back but i know who truly appreciates me.

9. I have to let go of a big hurt. I think its blocking my writing. Heart break isn’t just in relationships. This year will be a year of forgiveness. Thanks to my girl Katrina and my Pastor for the constant reminder.

10. God meant for me to go through all these storms over the last 5-10 years. I was not listening. I get it now…time to push forward.



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