falling apart

Some days i don’t know how i keep my head up. I sometimes have a fear that one day someone will try to bring me down for not falling into their trap. I STILL have a substantial amount of hate towards a person who was in my life for continuing on in their life after they placed a clock on mine. No apology given. If you have a choice to run from a bad vibe do just that. Don’t look back and don’t be afraid to be alone. I felt like i was being taken for a ride by everyone. I have managed to hold my head high for so long….im allowed to let  my head to droop every now and then.


2 thoughts on “falling apart

  1. Terrell Branch says:

    Beautiful you are the strongest person I know. I know you do not feel that way but you are. I do not turn to anyone to discuss my hurt and feeling. Not mom, or our other siblings. You know more about me than anyone on this planet. And it is because of your strong heart, mind and soul. I trust you with my life so know what ever you go through I am here for you no matter what.


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