Acts of love

Love is a fickle thing… I’m not just talking about between a man & woman. See we humans tend to think the execution of love is just physical. No it’s beyond that.

Unconditional love

Now when you are a baby your parents gave you unconditional love. You were small, innocent and could do no wrong. That’s  the love God intended to happen when he blesses you to carry one of his children. Oh yes, we are all God’s children. You grow into a young man or woman and you tend to try your parents love (and nerves) and always remember the things you do will never dilute that love.

Puppy Love

You get in your teens and hormones start to get worked up and you discover puppy love. Now some depending on their level of maturity tend to dive into another love before they should and have to reap what they sow (teen pregnancy, STD’s). Some it’s just a little crush on a schoolmate. That’s that innocent kinda of love.

Sexual Healing

So this kind of love comes out of growing into your own. People move past the puppy love when they hit the adult age and start to experience that love that only gets satisfied by sex. Some folk don’t desire a title or attachment they just want to get their feet wet. This is usually from those who may have experienced heart-break early and just don’t want to be in a relationship. Some it’s out of convenience.

Tainted love

This love is the love that shouldn’t be. This is that shared loved. When a man or woman choses to have a relationship with someone who is already involved in another situation. It’s tainted because someone will be hurt at the end of this story. It’s a kind of love that will cause feelings to be misread and ultimately people’s lives torn apart.

Lustful love 

This the love I want to define as when you are lusting after someone who has shown they don’t have good intentions for you. This person will play on the love you have for them to get what they want. Whether its sex, money, a place to stay, and so on and so forth. Again one of the people involved knows they don’t love that person. Just what they do for them.

Goodbye love 

This love is the one that grabs me. When you know the relationship is going nowhere. The love is there but everything else doesn’t line up correctly. Two people in love going in two different directions and won’t let go. You hang on just a little while longer hoping things can be pieced together. You can feel the love but this love may have been a reason, season, or lesson kind of love. It’s that I will always love you but spread your wings kind of love. If it’s meant to be it will.

Deceptive love

This one is personal to me. I call it deceptive love because the love is there, the mutual respect and quality time is put in but one of the parties is double dipping. The party is doing something on the side and decides I don’t want to choose right now so I’m going to keep them both (without them knowing). Then you slowly detach away from one of the parties by causing friction out of nowhere. Poof you disappear. No call no return text just gone. The deceived party just happens on a picture of the deceiver… getting married ( Vesta Williams song type shit). Your love was mishandled with deception. Causes the person to question why not me? Truth is, you are not responsible for that person’s deception. They are. They will reap what they sowed.

last one…

Forever Love

That love that has been through any and every up and down and still remains rock solid. That impenetrable love. Fuss, fight, lose, win never shakes loose. This love is covered in God. These persons know what they have with each other and how bad it would feel to be without. It stands the test of time day in and out and these people show each other love without limitations and judgement. This love grows old together. Raises children or pets together. Make decisions together. To me that’s a forever love.


Thank you for reading my thoughts….

one love,



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