Sometimes i feel as though when people are used to you being a stand up person they forget to say thank you. They neglect to remember once upon a time they needed something and you didnt blink you just looked out for them. I never do anything for applause but i would be lying if i didnt say I didn’t eat sime type of acknowledgement.  That goes for my family,  friends, my children, their father’s and even my job. I feel shorted. 

I feel like not pouring out another favor. I feel like ignoring phone calls.  I feel like shrugging my shoulders and walking away. Unfortunately my conscience would worry me to death. My heart won’t let me watch people struggle. 

I’m sure some folks can relate to being taken for granted and even taken tonthe bank. My advice to you (and me) save something for you. It’s okay to say no or i dont have it. Don’t apologize and don’t let anyone clown you for how you feel. 
Thanks for reading .


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