I’m ashamed of me… oh Tyrese


Now I was gonna leave this alone but I guess Tyrese has made it hard for people to ignore him. #Lately he has said and shown that he lacks respect for the people “mostly brown skin women” now that he has found fame and a new wife. See Tyrese is that dark-skinned fella nobody knew until he was on that bus singing for a can/bottle of Coca Cola see here: Always Coca Cola in his teenage years. Now he is a cast member of an incredibly successful franchise of Fast & Furious, with a few movies under his belt. He also has a few hits that people have grown to love, including myself. He has made it out the ghetto.

Now I am not a super fan of Tyrese, meaning I won’t go out my way to see him in concert. I will however purchase music as I have with the majority of his releases (minus the mixtapes ). I was excited about R&B music when i saw him, Tank, Anthony Hamilton all releasing new music around 2015-2016 but since then i have issues with this man.

First I didn’t think it was a good idea for him to be writing a book about relationships when he was in the midst of a divorce from his first wife and custody battle. That young lady wasn’t a “sister” either but I digress. She doesn’t have to be as long as they love each other. My issue with the commentary Tyrese is going around saying at each interview is that he makes no sense and he constantly contradicts the statement he previously made. Do you love yourself? Do you love your money? do you love the attention? Are you truly happy with your choices sir?

It’s like his ego has taken over and Tyrese Gibson has left the building. Money does not come with class and self-love. That has to be there already. The more he brags about what he has the more I don’t like him. I wish his mother would just grab hold of his lips and tell him to shut up. On a recent interview on Breakfast Club they asked him a question about TGT and the status of them making another album. He basically confirmed it won’t happen because he wants a bigger piece of the pot. My opinion is there are 3 stars in that group. Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese and quite honestly the other two have more relevant music and voices. I like to hear passion in the music I hear… I don’t feel that with Tyrese. It was said once upon a time he looked up to G. I guess he forgot all that.

So to get back to the most recent disrespect of women this is what he said:Tyrese-Lacefront-2-300x631.png

Look I don’t wear lacefronts  but I also don’t look down on those who do. My question is if you are so damn happy with your wife why the hell do you care?  You are not lending any advice, you are criticizing and purposely making light of her imperfections about something that has nothing to do with you. Most of the people you may be referring to are the same folks who spent their money on your concerts and cd’s. I have a feeling the ladies he was referring paid him no attention and continued on with their “girl session”. Yes we do that. Then he continues and rants about sluts, ho’s, skeezers and promiscuous women and the need to save yourself for your husband. Yeah okay. I guess that 60 day celibacy your wife made you commit to had you in your feelings? Umm hmm.

Maybe he should have invited the ladies to a nice makeover and gave them a few words of “wisdom” cause this post made him look like a total asshole. I don’t understand how he thought his was advice. It was a bashing session. I thought for a brief second he was hacked til he spoke up. I need Rev Run to lay hands on the dude.


All in all I made a choice to unfollow Tyrese on all my social media so I don’t have to see the nonsense he is putting out. Once the FF franchize starts to dry up and he has to start back making music he will apologize. I say press on and start thinking before you speak. Your daughter will read the stuff you think is gospel one day and think her father his a crazy fool. Until then good luck finding a few bald head, skinny, and deaf folks to sprinkle your negativity on. Shame on you Tyrese.


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