What’s Beef?

to have a grudge or start one with another person.

So i just wanted to add my opinion on this rap beef between these two queens.Its so many people who really truly have no idea what hip hop is really based on. In my 40 years I’ve seen the rise and fall of hip hop so much that i’ve stopped listening to anything but 80’s-maybe late 90’s rap music.

Back when I was younger we were not allowed to listen to any music that couldn’t be played on the radio. So we missed it unless we were somewhere else outside the house or the D boys was driving past bumping it. I come from a time when if you couldn’t play the dozens you was whack.

Then in my teenage/early adult years people from my area Bone Thugs, McBrainz, Brothers 4 the Struggle, Ray Cash, Ray Jr., and other local act were doing their thing. It got real serious for me but it had to have substance. They had a message. They were trying to make it out this city.

For the females there was only a few artist out that inspired me. Nonchalant, Lady Saw, Patra, Boss, Trina, Lil Kim, Latifah, Monie Love, YoYo, Mc Lyte, Rage, Remy Ma, Rah Digga were just a few of my faves. I like the strong but direct lyricists. I don’t want to seem partial in this post but what the hell.

See this post is about the beef between two artist that are claiming a spot. There isn’t a lot of female rappers in the industry who are getting much attention these days. All people can say is come together. Nah, let’s do like the guys do. A beef on wax always shows who is the strongest lyricists. Bars have nothing to do with sales or the truth. Have you ever watched the rap battles that go on? Some of the people don’t know each other. They just spitting. It just has to make sense and be off the top. By the way “off the top” can also be something you just jotted down in the notes on your phone as well.

I’m definitely not gonna lie and say i listen to Nicki Minaj music. I love her songs like Right Thru Me, Your love, Moment for life, Bed of lies…. as you notice they are mostly the ones she showed her singing range. As you notice these are not songs that contained features. That is what I like about her. I feel like she got too cartoonish and animated and lost me. Yeah the kids like all that shit… so i leave that to them. She could be marketed better and all the features can be toned down. I would like to see her carry a whole album alone. Her beef with Lil Kim annoyed me because truthfully she adapted her whole persona. Kim had reason to be mad.

Now for Remy I was a fan from the begin because of her strong stance and she came out with the backing of her peers. They didn’t carry her. From Lean Back, to There’s something about Remy she has been consistent. Even while incarcerated for 6 years she still was dropping bars. Legit bars. She managed to keep her name out of people mouths. She came out the jail swinging and hustling. She’s smart to me. Jumped on reality tv which is popping right now and that helped her get back on the map in my opinion. She has the ability to stand on her own and she has a dope lyricist for a husband.

This beef came from a pit bull being poked…subliminally. Face it folks people in the industry talk. Everyone doesn’t like you. Some folks get close to you to dig up dirt. Lots of people I know hate how Nicki treated her ex fiance and producer. She threw him away like a wet napkin after he supported her and her music. She attacks whoever threatens her success. Safaree, Miley, Remy, Kim, Mariah, and now Meek. I haven’t heard anything from her in the last 3-4 years that i would buy with my money.

I’m kinda worried about our youth who don’t truly know what hip hop/rap is supposed to be. This is great for the culture. I’m all for the women need to speak more positive about each other. A little healthy competition never hurt anybody though. I haven’t heard a diss track like that since Lil Kim did Black Friday. I hope I’m not coming off like i hate Nicki Minaj. I just am not a fan of her music. I like how years ago album sales were calculated by people going into the store and buying a cd. These Apple/Tidal downloads can’t be accurate. When people use that analysis that someone is better because of album sales I think of Milli Vanilli (insert Titimoji here. They lip synched to fame. A true artist can come off top in a blink.

I hope the folks who know me understand my stance and that i feel folks are not taken into account that there isn’t enough female mc’s getting enough attention, if these two can break the internet with a beef that can  make them both a lot of money  from each others fans. Nicki i hope you bounce back from that verbal ass whooping. It wasn’t cute but it was necessary for the culture. I will not go back and forth with anyone my kids age about this. Different time and different focus when it comes to music for me. I stick to what sounds good lyrically. I don’t believe in following the crowd. I’m not gonna even say nothing about Foxy Brown getting in the mix… i just can’t with her.

I hope everyone who is shouting #TeamNicky or #TeamRemy went and bought their latest albums. Thats how you show support. Stay off folks pages who don’t care for your favorite disrespecting them for a person who doesn’t even know you and probably wouldn’t approve. As long-winded as this was i feel better. I was gonna post the lyrics but go to this link and Shether -Remy Ma and buy it.

To hear what Remy may have been responding to click this link Make Love – Nicki Minaj ft Gucci and buy it.

We all have our opinions and this is mine. Please feel free to keep scrolling or leave your thoughts below.



3 thoughts on “What’s Beef?

  1. bkchefdanielle says:

    I personally think Remy us smart. I live her & her husband. Although they ate on a drama filled platform they stay out the beef & BS. I was nota Nicki fab because she was too animated and I wasn’t interested in listening. As for Remy’s ShEther I wasn’t impressed. She sounded weak. You have to come hard on a beat like that. I am a fan but disappointed

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