Farewell President Obama

2015-09-28 19.26.51.pngSome idiot asked me what has President Obama done for me in 8yrs and I asked him why he needed to know he said i just want to know….

First of all as a black woman he gave me hope. As a mother he gave me encouragement for my children. As a tax payer he tried to place some things out there we were lacking and fix the economic issues many communities were dealing with. As an employee in the medical field I saw first hand how our patients took better care of themselves now they had better affordable choices for healthcare. Flat out.

My grandmother who was born in the South in 1924 saw a black president elected before she passed at the age of 84. My mother who was born in 1957 got teased because she looked white with red hair and freckles got chased down 110th from Audubon Jr High school because of hateful negroes, got to see a black President be elected twice. People have had more hope and motivation to go out there and get what they deserve. Men saw a cool, but well spoken man talk politics and spread all his pride around a house,  “The White House” definitely got painted a shade of beige in the last couple of years.

No matter what you all feel he didn’t do you must remember he isn’t God, nor did he get the support nor backing he needed to get the the things we feel he didnt do done. I’m proud of President Barack Obama for placing himself in a role that hasn’t been filled by a man of color in decades. He risked his life and his family’s safety. They didnt want to see Martin, Malcolm, Medgar to succeed either. That will hit you later.

Farewell POTUS and Flotus…. 😟😟


2 thoughts on “Farewell President Obama

  1. Primaldata says:

    For most it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, “how does the work/activism/efforts you have done benefit me?” Mentorship programs, signed a bill that allowed parents to keep their children on their health insurance longer, he TRIED to put a moratorium on foreclosures. As we just found out he saved homeowners/buyers 500 bucks a year. What has he done for me? Been a damn good president isn’t that what I voted for?

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  2. lykebudda76 says:

    Thats all i’m saying there are things i needed that i planned and got done for myself and there is things that trickled down to benefit me that he placed. He did what he was allowed to do. Resistance is a muthafugga.


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