Honor thy mother & father…

So i didnt really post any shout out because first my mom has passed and my father well… he hasn’t been my father for many years. I still pray for him and my mom. She is gone from this world but im sure she gets great pause knowing i still dont have what she felt i needed in my life.

i still will be thankful he and my mother created me in love and not lust. That they tied the knot in haste to stay together while he served this country. I will be thankful for every scar and situations they couldnt protect me from. THey gave me the skills and hard skin to deal with all this bullshit. I am strong because I don’t use my struggles to gain sympathy. I use them to remind everyone they are not alone in this world.

As a mother i always question have i done all i can and theonly answer i need comes from the two that matter. They have 2 parents, a place to lay their head, discipline, and freedom to chose their own path as long as it doesnt harm anyone else. Most importantly they have love and my respect. My kids adore me. They hold me down when im being hard on myself. Thats all i need to be satisfied with this life. I thank god for providing a way for me. I praise him for allowing my mother the opportunity to do her best with me. I pray that God will touch the heart of my father to provide me with at least acknowledment that he voluntariliy missed out on my childhood. I honor them both…just in different ways.

“Do unto others as you would want them to do to you”


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