It’s not Justice.. It’s Just Us

I see so much shit that breaks my heart nowadays that it’s getting to be the norm. It shouldn’t be. I should not be scared to allow my 17-year-old son to be out late because he may run into a cop who feels he has a smart mouth and he needs to learn a lesson. I will lose my mind and freedom that day. My son didn’t understand how a cop can “overkill” two people and walk out a court room with not even a slap on his wrist. I understand.That’s why I speak freely and frankly with my children when it comes to these matters. It’s a cold cruel world out here and they will not get my kids. They will not have the opportunity to brainwash my kids into thinking this is the way its gonna be. I’m not having it.

Pray for Cleveland

Pray for Cleveland

Too much for one day. The family of the Timothy and Malissa have my prayers for strength and vigilance to create change in our city. The conventions, sports games, and all the other shit that the higher-ups are worried about in this city don’t mean shit to me right now. All I see is crooks lining their pockets and officers with an agenda given the right to shoot and harm citizens with or without provocation. Sad Sad day…. Pray for my city. We are tired of this shit.

The reason for the title is because it’s not just Cleveland going through this. It’s nationwide. Only thing is we must fix our cities issues because nobody knows Cleveland like we do and it was not always this way. You all keep your ears to the streets and your eyes and cameras ready. It’s bout to go in Cleveland.


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