Greatest Love of All

Today marks the third anniversary of our beloved Whitney’s untimely death. While people are remembering her baby girl is clinging to life with her father Bobby Brown by her side praying for her to make it. I can honestly can understand her need to be in the company of her mother. Probably the only person she could depend on to be honest and nonjudgmental. I hope she gets better…if not i pray for her painless transition from this Earth back into her mothers arms.

We as fans just loved her voice, her aura, her ability to captivated audiences young and old. Sanctified or secular…she was anointed. Unfortunately the price of fame and a troubled marriage ending plagued her. She had comedians making jokes about her and her now ex husband. People speaking I’ll of her voice when she couldn’t perform her best. I rooted for Whitney from day one. I definitely call myself a fan and she was one of my idols.

You could relate to her in many fazes of life, love, motherhood, and spirituality. I remember watching The Preachers Wife and rising to my feet when she sang I love the lord. I was moved and watched it over and over. In Bodyguard when she sang I will always love you i realized she was singing from her soul… it was a remake but she owned that song from that day forward. I’m every woman gave us women power in song…again a remake but who else but Whitney could get the fabulous Chaka Khan to be in her video. She was glowing with Bobbi Kristina in her belly. Oh man i can go on and on. Especially with her comeback song I didn’t know my own strength…she motivated any and everyone who could here this song to believe in themselves. I adored that lady. Deep sigh….

I really wish that she had been interrupted in her bathroom…i wish people didn’t follow her rules that day and maybe she would still be here…

The Greatest Love of All will forever stick out in my mind because as a young girl, i didn’t have guys beating down my door to date me. Nobody was checking for me. I was built okay but I wasn’t a hottie. This song up’d my self esteem by telling me I didn’t need nobody else to love me. I have to love myself. I have to adore myself. I have to stop second guessing myself.

I really miss the diva…thank goodness she left her music to keep reminding us that we are worthy.


Thank for reading and Rest in Paradise Whitney.



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