KARR: Unleashed Speaks on Lykebudda: Windows to My Soul

I can always appreciate another author/poets insight. Thank you for your honest review. much love.

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lykebuddaLykebudda: Windows to my Soul
by Angela “Lykebudda” White
(As the Budda Flows II)
CreateSpace | Amazon

Genre: Poetry

No Labels

Greetings everyone! In this installment of Kindle (in this case Paperback) App Random Robin, I take a look at the next installment in the As the Budda Flows series, entitled Lykebudda: Windows to my Soul. I do own the first book and jumped at the chance to get her highly anticipated follow up.

Unlike the way I read novels and short stories, the way I read poetry is slightly different. I usually read a poetry book at least two times through before giving a review.

I’m going to tackle this work from a number of different perspectives:

(1) Typical shopper
(2) One who doesn’t typically read poetry
(3) Poetry enthusiast

(1) Typical shopper (or outside consumer)
It can be very trying to find proper price points on books these days…

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