As the Budda Flows I & II Available!!!

The wait is over my friends it is ready to be bought and delivered to you in many ways. This project was special to me because I out my pen down a lot of times and lost my way since I’ve started this. Thanks to my kids for the time they had to watch me fussing because I couldn’t get the font or margins right. I have to say a big thanks to my girl Kali for the editing and the book cover. She is one in a million.

This group of poems are personal and transparent. I opened a few windows and closed a few doors in the process. I am sure you will notice that this is deep and somewhat heart wrenching for me. Over the past year a lot of sadness has surrounded me. The curtain has been lifted it slightly and I’m ready for what’s next. Grab your copy(s) and please feel free to leave a review when you are done. I greatly appreciate it.

You can grab your copy of my book(s) at the following links:
Lykebudda: Windows to my soul – Createspace (paperback) $11.00
Lykebudda: Windows to my soul – Amazon (paperback) $11.00

Windows to my soul – Amazon -(kindle version) $8.59

As the Budda Flows is still on sale for $5.99 on All three links below:
As The Budda Flows – Createspace (paperback)
As The Budda Flows – Amazon (paperback)
As the Budda Flows – Amazon Kindle version



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