My Day.. Saved again ~ Day 31

The day I get saved again will be a day to remember. I have gone through some things this last two years. I have lost my way tremendously. I embraced some things I clearly should have let pass me by. I acquired some things I can’t shake. I increase my pain and didn’t chose my intuition over my trust. I have failed my heart and increased my stress. I have not honored my God in a way to be proud of.

I’m ready to get back on track. Not cause I’ve hit rock bottom. Its because it has to be done or all these many words and phrases and pages won’t mean a thing, if I don’t get back right with the one who had given me the tools to do right and I took my eyes off the manual. I’m testifying for me. Its my day. Its time to turn it back around. I’m giving myself back to the almighty.

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