Pole dancing w/ the girls Day of Days 22

Day #22 a day with the family you’ll never forget

A day with the family you will never forget. A few weeks ago me and cousins went on a road trip to Detroit/Pontiac Michigan to celebrate my cousin birthday. We usually go up there anyway this time of year cause there are two birthdays and plus we like to kick it up there anyway. The itinerary was to go to pole dancing class first and baby i was ready to hop back on that pole. (no pun intended) Our instructors name was Jennifer aka Juicy and she was fabulous. It was about 10 of us there and we all didn’t have a shy bone in our body which made the class fun and easy for the instructor. 

Our next stop was a karaoke bar/dinner club whose name is escaping me right now (maybe because the manager was an ass) We never got to eat only half our party received their food and the response to why was “This isn’t a banquet hall” yeah it got ugly after that. But it didn’t ruin the evening. Just wont be visiting that establishment again. Our family that stayed in Detroit had to figure our next move cause we were hungry and ready to party. We went to this club called 4 Brothers and they club owner took good care of our entourage food drinks and we tore up the dance floor. As always my family and my friends that came along had all eyes on em and showed Detroit what Cleveland ladies bring. 

We ended the night around 4am and went back to our hotel to rest. Usually before we drive back we go to my cousin Mary house to chill and talk but i decided to head back with my girlfriends so another person could ride with my cousin. I actually loved getting away even for one day. sometime i need to get out of my shell and have some fun. I forgot all my issues that day and just let loose. I love when we just get up and go. I’ll never forget and i plan to repeat that trip again. Pictures are below.

5 thoughts on “Pole dancing w/ the girls Day of Days 22

  1. Reggie says:

    Interesting post Budda!!!

    I have family in Detroit and I've had some good times in a club or two there. Many of the places my cousins there have taken me involved someone dancing on a pole; and some of those places are real holes in the wall.

    I remember you once commenting on one of my posts on Yahoo 360 to not being a stranger to the pole. I don't ever remember you posting a blog about that though…..maybe you should?!? I'm sure that it would make for an interesting post.


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