Overdue ~ Day of Days 23


My 21st birthday…Welp lets just say it was uneventful except for some Braxton-hicks contractions. I was actually due to have this little man above on November 25, my birthday is November 24th. Besides sitting at my grandmothers house who i lived with worrying about her i did nothing but eat. She had been admitted because she had issues with her colon and they decided to keep her. Yeah what a bummer. I was already having issues with my blood pressure so i didn’t go far from the house except to work. They restricted my hours and made me go on maternity leave the week before. I don’t remember most of that day maybe cause it was no big deal to me at that time. I was alone, pregnant, and i couldn’t stand the father at all. Nine days later i gave birth to Brandon…my true first love after a difficult labor. He was my present. He is my strength. He gave me a reason to believe in love… Not your typical 21st birthday gift. Here is my gift below at age 15.

2 weeks old 

15 yrs young 


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