In love with a Strippa ~ Day of Days 21

#21- the day you met your most recent/or last love

The man above is my ex-fiance Bashaun. I called him Bae cause that’s his name. His alter ego Mr. Deep is below. We actually met around 2002 at a male revue he was preforming at. I was only there cause my bestie at the time was the barmaid and i get lit for free. ( Thanks Carla and Christine’s bar)  At the time i wasn’t looking for nothing. It took him a while to even get my number. We just messed around off and off with lots of time in between til we got bored with each other. Yeah he was just my bed buddy. 
Fast forward 9 years November 11,2011(THE DAY)  he finds me on what Facebook and we start back chatting and after a few weeks he decided that he was tired of being out here and wanted to settle down. The first day we had a date I made dinner cause i wasnt in the mood to go out. We had dinner, laughed talked about the old days, and of course memories came flashing back and next thing you know… we making passionate mind blowing love. Funny thing we both are so quiet afterwards it was eerie. (cant listen to Trey Songz  ever over dinner). We just had the best chemistry ever and it never died down. I’m going on and on but that was the first day of our new found relationship. 

A few weeks later later he asked me to marry him and i feel in love all over again. 

Enough of that… he will always have a part of my heart and i wish him luck doing whatever makes him happy. Reason, season, lesson or lifetime. Unfortunately he FUMBLED.


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