It’s been real Jacobs Field ~ Day of Days 18

#18- the last day of your first adult job

I worked for the Cleveland Indians – Sportservice Inc from 1995 til 2002. I started my last year of high school. It started out as a seasonal job but i really worked all year round even in the off season. I had some great years with that company i actually was pregnant with both my kids during my time there. I started out as a stand manager and after a few years and being robbed by a few non-profit groups i had enough and wanted to get out the food/sports biz. I was making good money and plenty overtime there so i was good. I got promoted to a vending commissary manager on the first deck which was big cause it rocked in my section. I had grown to know and love my vendors (they tipped hella good) but i was the mother of two and i still hadn’t got into the field i wanted to be in which was Medical. The off season of 2001 i was attending school for medical assisting and i was determined to get through it. My midterms were in the middle of a home stand so i called and let our Human Resources/ secretary know i had to call off to study. I received a call back regarding my request and i was told that i would be replaced during the home stand and would come back as a vending commissary attendant. 

I had worked and sacrificed too damn much of my time, health, and represented them fools to the fullest for them not to support my schooling. Beside our ticket sales were down cause the recent departure of Manny Ramirez and a few other key players. I’m like I’ll be down there in an hour. I brought them my uniform, my keys, my badge and anything else they had given me and i resigned August 2002. I didn’t say bye to anyone i just walked away. I had time another job working for the Cavaliers so it was no biggie. I still worked there up until being hired at my current place of employment September 2002. Its been all good since then. I still run into people i used to work with there and they asked why i left. My response: They didn’t support me advancing my education and i dare not work for anyone who does such. There is no guarantees in life when you allow your dreams to sink due to fear. 

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