I made it…. c/o 1995 Day of Days 15

Class pictures for yearbook c/o 1995

My graduation day from high school was a proud day June 6, 1995. My mom and my sister were present i have no idea where my father was. My brother probably was somewhere getting in trouble and all the rest of the family had excuses. It didn’t ruin my damn day cause i was accomplishing something that many people i knew were not. They had dropped out to have babies or work or fuck off. I don’t know but i was determined to not go that route. I did wish i had more support there but seeing my momma face as i walked across that stage was enough for me. One of her kids did exactly what she told them to do. Go to school, make decent grades, and not get pregnant. My mom dropped out early to have my brother. She went back after her and my dad divorced and got her GED. I have my South High School diploma displayed in my house even tho my mom tried to cuff it, i felt it was mine to share and i held on to it. My children can look and see their mom did it and so can they against all odds i experienced while growing up. Can’t stop won’t stop pushing.

me and the class clown Deondre
me and the Valedictorian Author Love 

waiting for pomp and circumstance (my mom was snapping pics)


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