Nurse Betty to ICU ~ Day of Days 8

I wanted to be a nurse since i was a child. I’ve always been fond of nurses and I  said i wanted to be a Pediatrician but that went out the window when i discovered my lack of patience for unruly children. When i entered the workforce i was more in the management field (food and housekeeping) then i struck out to be a Medical Assistant so i could get my foot in the door of the hospital. They offered tuition reimbursement  and a sign on bonus so it was worth a try. 

Over the 11+ years i have been there i soon discovered…nursing is getting more difficult. More folks get in this field for money than the core of nursing. Caring, comforting, nurturing, and compassion.  Unfortunately that has turned me away from returning to school. Not only will i be jacking up my finances i would be submitting my kids to some hard times which we have done one too many times. Not excuses just pure facts. Maybe i’ll go back when they graduate.

It was my dream to be a nurse but i will accept what i have for right now. I work with some incredible people helping to make big changes in solid organ transplant patients. I still get to show all those values i got in the medical field for….


6 thoughts on “Nurse Betty to ICU ~ Day of Days 8

  1. Mahoganydymond says:

    My mother always wanted me to be a nurse… It runs in our family… You are right though.. A lot have lost the will to caring for people.. I don't only think that is just for nursing.. People are just out to make money all together..


  2. Angela Lykebudda White says:

    your right but the acuity of these patients is so severe you have to have a heart to care for them. I cannot stand a lazy nurse period. This new crew thats coming out of school are not taught like the nurses and assistants i was around. they actually did primary nursing meaning they may have hung meds changed dressings took the patient to pee and washed them up if necessary. you see nursing is more that hanging drug and wearing scrubs. Irks me when i see another human like a dog. Thanks hum soory for my long reply


  3. Reggie says:

    Being a nurse is an admirable vocation. I applaud you for your dedication.

    Now the kids thing……nah I couldn't work around children, I'd end up killing one probably…..hell I wanna kill their parents most days.


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