Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, Quater Pounder, French Fry… Day of Days #6

My first job was good ol McDonalds!!! Yep i worked for the clown. 

My first day was busy they put me on the front line the first damn day. It was Saturday in 1994 and this particular store was in an area highly populated area of Polish and Asian folks. Did i mention they all had Buckeye cards? My morning was full of refilling their damn cups and wiping up spills (coffee and syrup). By 11 o’clock i was dog tired. I was only 17 so i could only work 4 hours. Do you know this bitch Tiffany who was the shift manager fixed her lips to ask me to stay. I told her i couldn’t my mother was expecting me home plus my work permit was solid 4 hours only. She said well you don’t look 17? Yeah i think she was a bit jealous of my bodacious young body cause she looked like a donkey in the face. I ended up quiting that job after 2 1/2 weeks because i was done playing with that little twit. She called me off two days straight. Then when i came in to quit she said i had to wait for the store manager. I said really and threw the uniform at her and told them to mail me my check and i was reporting her to my guidance counselor so they didn’t send anyone else over there. I enjoyed my free fries and filet-o-fish  but they pay sucked and the manager suck even more. Thank goodness i was graduating that next month and found a better job with the Cleveland Indians. 


6 thoughts on “Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, Quater Pounder, French Fry… Day of Days #6

  1. Humble BE says:

    Mickey D's! You started working young. It was good you got that experience, even though your boss was an asshole. It must of felt good to throw that uniform at her..LOL


  2. Thee_Kween says:

    CTFU @ “I worked for the clown” and “a donkey in the face” BWAHAHAHAHA

    Chile…I couldn't have worked at Mickey D's. There would've been a fry situation and I would've been caught red-handed…ketchup and everything. lmao


  3. Angela Lykebudda White says:

    I actuall had a summer job from 15-17 for a boys n girls club…dont want to relive that one. That heffa was so mad that my then bf was fine and would pick me up from work. He would come in to get me and before she knew he was all mine she pushed up on him old ass chester or cougar now they call em. Those damn fries are my addiction thats why i stay clear


  4. Reggie says:

    I worked there when I was a college student….job really sucked. I got tired of going home smelling like a cheeseburger and special sauce.

    ….oh and yeah the pay did suck.


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