Strut across that Stage H.S… Day of Days #4

High School was a blur for me maybe cause i attended 3 different ones in a two year span. I actually graduated from South High School in Cleveland Ohio Home of the flyers and now closed permanently. Mom was going through a divorce at the time and trying to get on her feet. My best memory is the day i graduated from high school. I am my mothers only child that finished school. My mom didn’t finish high school she dropped out in the 11th grade because she was pregnant with my brother. She did go back get her GED and went to school for business while we were younger. She was so so proud of me and even tho no one showed up but her and my little sister it was the best day ever. I didn’t care about nothing that happened in high school over the 4 years i was just glad i got over a hurdle many people at the time were not. I had a job, a diploma and some high hopes. That’s my high school memory.


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