Smiley Faces and Butterflies…. Day of Days #5

So im supposed to write about my first love…ive decided to share a old blog challenge with you instead of rehashing the past. 

Here goes my post from the Love and Truth Challenge:

 love was a good one….his name was Thomas, he was older than me son of a respected police officer and prominent family. They liked me pretty much and our families lived right across the street from each other.
He was so handsome and smart and a sports nut. He never was mean to me and always treated me with respect. We never had sex because of course I was a virgin at the time and he didn’t wanna rush me (I’m sure he was getting it elsewhere). He didn’t force me to do anything.
We had sessions of foreplay and almost went there but at 16 it wasn’t gonna happen. Thank goodness he left for the Navy when he did; I’m sure I would have been his wife or baby mama if he stayed around. He made a great kisser out of me and assisted in me knowing that a man will wait for the goodies.
I saw him recently after he was discharged from the Gulf War and he was pretty jacked up mentally. Not the man I remembered. We had a conversation and I had the chance to tell him thank you for being a good boyfriend, to a shy girl who didn’t know nothing about being in love until he came around… he broke in the tom girl.

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