It’s Elementary…my friend ~ Day 2

Welp  couldn’t find any pics from elementary school but this looks like around the time i was. Me and my sis when we were in Philadelphia with our raggedy Ann and Andy dolls in this picture. I actually attended Miles Park Elementary school here in Cleveland Ohio when my mom moved us back here. I was “put up” because California education was way past Cleveland standards so that was short time i was there. 

I enjoyed it from what i can recollect. My only memory is  i only got paddled once on my hand by this teacher name Mrs. Tomko for talking in class and she was the one apologizing to my mom. Corporal punishment is real lol, but my mom wasn’t having it. I remember the day i graduated form the 4th grade was the day i first started my period just short a few months of my 10th birthday. Had on white and everything. Tragic…my mom had to teach me on the spot how to use a sanitary napkin. I didnt want to sit down afterwards. Smh…That’s all i can remember bout that time.


8 thoughts on “It’s Elementary…my friend ~ Day 2

  1. Katrina Scott says:

    Wearing white is the worst…I dropped my purse getting off the school bus and out drops my pads to the floor in front of all the boys…I was so embarrassed that I denied it was mines


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