First Memory… Day 1

First day is containing your first memory. 
The first memory is have is coming to Cleveland with my mother from Sacramento California on the Amtrak i was about 9-10 on this pic. Above are my siblings. My father was in the Navy and he had been discharged and we were running out of income and what not. So my mom packs us up and gets on the train to bring us here. We were not raised here My brother was 8 months when my mom married my dad. He was stationed in Illinois where my mom had me. We moved to Philly when he was stationed there (sis was born) and then he got lucky and we were in California. All i recall is us being subjected to weather we were not used to, people we were never around and life without our father. My uncle a Vietnam Vet and  grandmother tried to make us comfortable and i recall our first meal with her when we got to Cleveland was grits and scrambled eggs mixed in a big bowl with cheese. First we looked at it as strange then she said and i quote “It’s all going the same damn place anyway now get something on that fork (in a southern drawl)” I’ve been hooked every since. Those are my first significant memories as a child…being moved around a lot. Day one.


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