I must be a fool…or it’s just you

“Telephone line

I sit by and wait for your call

here all alone

wondering who you’re talking to 

Maybe I’m a fool in love

Maybe I’m a fool in love

Maybe I should just give up

I’m just a fool in love

Must be a fool in love.”
Feeling like a plum dumb fool right now…not a new feeling but a uneasy feeling. Sometimes giving your best ain’t good enough. Its like some are so use to the world being  against them they don’t know how to handle it when someone has their best interest at heart. You want them to succeed and have something to be proud of. Give them the opportunity to hold their head high even if its not the best circumstances. We all need the support love and even the honesty from the ones they love. Its called unconditional love.When you are programmed in your head that “i’m right and everyone else is wrong” you clearly have life messed up. Obviously your ducks are not completely in a row if shit still is not going in a positive direction. I’m not into kicking people when they are down..never have never will cause i know what that feels like. I’ll give a person my last so they won’t go hungry angry or be embarrassed but will they go the extra mile for me? Not that i ask for reciprocation for everything i do, but you really do get tired of the lack of support and the extra bullshit that you don’t really gotta go through to show a person that you care. Its indeed getting old….real old.


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