Back to Business…

im an open book
 but i desire to close it
things are hard for me noone knows it
cause the strong woman in front of you has plenty of aches
has plenty of pains
has a lot of loss
but so much more to gain
the spirit of love is in a frenzy
the spirit of hate has risen up in me
the spirit of self doubt offends me
the angel of self love is dimming
trial and tribulations are deep
gets me restless
depriving me of sleep
the thought of my future often looks bleek
cause i have some monster hiding inside of me
i cant let him have Angie
thats not what God has placed before my feet
the strength of a man indeed 
to take on anything that tries to hinder me
evaluating my surroundings 
know i have so much more heaven around me
i need to take in the good air
and leave those demons to fight
they never fight fair
this pen has been in cessation
but i have something to say
some real shit for your ass expression….get ready for this trip
Lykebudda is back scribing with a mission
to save you all from the bs
its time to bring the wrath….its time to get back to business.
~Lykebudda2012©~ all rights reserved  

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