Please read this..

This is my mom, 24 hours ago she was happy as could be. This is her tonight, earlier she called the police and told them she was going to kill herself and hung up without telling them her location. The police then contacted me and asked where I thought she would be, so I told them, they went to the place and found her there. She’s prescribed several medicines, and ended up taking well over 200 pills . She was knocked out in the drivers seat, with a suicide note next to her and had a photo album of me from when I was a baby sitting in her lap. They rushed her to the hospital, and she’s now in the Intensive Care Unit. That tube going in her mouth, is hooked to the machine breathing for her, That tube going through her nose is going to her stomach, draining it of any fluid. Please reblog this, and pray for her.. It would mean the world to me, she needs all the love and support she can possibly get.<3 For updates, feel free to follow me and I’ll keep you updated whenever I find anything new out. http://never-ending-heartache.tumblr.com/

You are in my prayers. 

god bless you and your mom…


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