Princess and the Frog, original artwork .

This Tiana & Naveen drawing has been sitting on my hard drive half colored for a minute while I’ve been busy working on commissions and such.  Sometimes it’s important for you to take time out and do things for yourself.

But this also leads me to something else.

To show my appreciation for everyone who follows me and enjoys the artwork, I’m offering up a chance to win a FREE MUHFUGGIN COMMISSION!

Anyone that reblogs this post (sorry…likes don’t count), will be entered in a random drawing to win a free commission from me of their choice.  Granted, there will be some stipulations…there are certain things that I won’t draw…and it will be limited to probably either 1 or 2 characters, but still, a FREE COMMISSION nonetheless!  And also, I’ll be giving away an 11” x 17” print of the Princess and the Frog drawing as well to a runner up (no international shipping though)!  So two people will win!!

Everyone will have until Sunday to reblog to enter, and then I’ll be choosing two winners!  

Good Luck!



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