breaking up with my feelings
need to detach to secure my sanity
i need to practice selfishness
stop the insanity
of being made to be last in standing
I’ve stopped being so demanding
i cant for the life of me
determine what went wrong
I’m beautiful
I’m strong
I’m responsible
i get my freak on
i turned my life into a song
“if you look in my life you’ll see what i see”
you will vibe with me
embrace me
i turn the sexy on
without the trash
i have class
and a voluptuous ass
i cant verify every mistake in my past
is sending me through this twilight zone
why do i always tackle this shit alone
who said i don’t deserve the happily ever after
who said every struggle
must fall in my lap
who does that?
the butterflies have disappeared
the evidence is pointed out
conversation has made it clear
that there is still a road for me to travel
the reigns have been unraveled
I’m off this horse
I’m shining up my saddled
happier trails are ahead of me
on a road I’m familiar with
but I’m going in a direction that by me has been
recently less traveled
back to me.

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