Singing “I am every day people”
I am sorry to say that i’m getting fed up with people..big people little people short people tall people smart people dumb people evil people angelic people….just people period are not on my to do list.
I think i have reached a plateau in life that i really really don’t have time for the bs. This week taught me a lesson. I was right about of not making anyone in my office relevant. These damn sensitive ass people threw dirt on my name and even though i know my boss has better judgement about me, i know I’m on their radar right now. Not good but i got this trust me. I have been fortunate to be employed by one of the best hospital in the country and i plan on retiring from it.

I have worked with People since the first job i have ever help. I was a counselor at the Boys & Girls club at 16…i really enjoyed it. McDonald’s at 17 (hella old people at that location with Buckeye Cards) I worked for the Cleveland Indians/Cleveland Cavaliers from age 17-25 (food service & vending comm manager) and I have been at UH Hospital for 9 years (patient care/secretary) See i have been working with people for a long time.

My world is not in any type of turmoil I’m just trying to get by like the rest of the world. My attitude has been nonchalant lately. I guess I’m just fed up with alot of stuff and people are just getting the wrath of my woes. Stay out my way and you will be just fine.


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