*looks up look down looks up looks down*

i have a hard time believing that Miss Nikki has a giant butt and that there is definitely something added to give her the ridiculous ILLUSION of a big dumb donkey booty. I have a nice size butt even tho some days i wish i had a smaller one. She rocks it well it doesn’t look stank or anything…its always the clothes that make people look a mess. She spent a pretty penny adding and subtracting from what i can say was a pretty girl already to become this “black barbie” and I’m not proud of her but hey if it helps her get where she wants to be more power to her.

I also wanna speak of the illusion of love…we sometimes mistake lust for love and we pay big in the end. I’ve chosen to keep my goods to myself for someone who genuinely loves me. How will I know? I couldn’t tell you some of the time we just have to jump in a hope we come out on top. But i will never be hoodwinked into believing anything that i have to keep doubting. when in doubt go with your first mind.

I used the picture of Nikki Minaj cause people doubted her “bootyliciousness:” so much she had to pose damn near nude for people to believe her. she not a magician honey…that girl got ass for days.

Here goes prolly the only song i can stomach from her


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