Beauty ~ Is Her Name

“Walks by me everyday her and love are the same the woman has stolen my heart and beauty is her name” Beauty by Dru Hill.

Beauty is something every says the have. Pretty eyes, perfect nose, clear skin…yada yada. What i see is beautiful is my kids smiles…those Lil monkeys are my lifeline. If i cant make them smile it makes my day suck. 
When they are warm, full, and safe Its a beautiful thing. 

I also think the most beautiful moments I’ve had was falling in love the first time and giving birth to my kids. I looked a damn mess but my heart was beating out my chest overwhelmed with love with both of them. My daughter came out and all I could say is she is beautiful before i passed out. 

The sunset is one of my favorite pass times…i love to sit and watch the sunset…it calms me. I don’t know why but it does. I used to go to the lake and watch then sunset and write. At my nieces party while everyone was enjoying the cake and ice cream i was sitting on the bench admiring the sunset over the lake it was so beautiful.

Calming and reassuring that the day is over and there is a chance to fix somethings tomorrow.

What a beautiful moment….


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