Ambition – Evolve

I’m feeling this quote above. I am happy with whats going on right now. I know that I have so many options that I an start motivating myself to pursue but fear is holding me back. Fear of not being able to feed my kids if i have to cut my hours due to school. I really need to get my nursing degree. I cant stay stuck in the same job forever. I was speaking to some friends of mine about this and really got teary eyed about it. 

One thing people know about me is I am not afraid to work. I have been on someones pay roll every since i was 15 years old. I have always managed to stay employed and if it didn’t work out for me i quickly resigned and left that place. I always joke and say if i hit the number i still would work cause i would feel useless sitting around…no bullshit. I would have to be an active millionaire assisting hands on maintaining my company. 

Another venture i would like to pursue is getting my poetry book published. Its a dream of mine and I have put that on the back burner also. I’m not the best poet but i am a honest poet. Thats how i define my craft. I speak from my heart and without worry of someone not appreciating it. I have talked to a few people but i think i’m going to self publish it and let whoever buy it if they want to. Yeah that’s less stressful.

I have several ambitions its just a matter of me applying myself and doing what i can….


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