Challenge Intermission – Do better Ladies!

Now im going to need you to take this which ever you want to ladies. We need to do better including myself. Me and my girl was having a convo about a few things yesterday. How the people around and close to us are bickering over silly shit. We need to be more proud of how we represent ourselves. We need to be more respectful enough to tell a man to kick rock when he aint speaking our language. We need to heed the words we speak. Stop speaking of how much of a boss bitch you are and show it in action. Stop kicking it and spending unnecessary money when your home aint taking care of. You dont have to be seen all the time unless thats your profession, how you make money. I rather be home with my kids spending time with them nowadays cause they will be grown and gone one day and i wont have em. I dont have interest in being the topic of negative conversation cause their aint nothing anyone can say about me that i wont say about myself. Some of these dudes making a damn fool of y’all and you know it but will still mean mug the next or prospective female for what the dude doing. Men feed off that…i dont blame em. People can only do what you allow period. I grew up having a short list of friends and it has followed me into adulthood. I chose who i want to be bother with. I dont pick my friends according to status, looks, or sexual preference. If you have any issue about who I kick it with thats sounds like a personal problem. susie dont like Joan and joan dont like Peggy so neither should you type of shit. No ma’am thats YALL issue (we clear) dont wanna kick it cause they around…*shrugs* so be it. We need to support each other. I’ve been going through a few personal things but i will never stop smiling. Never stop being me. Never stop being honest with y’all. I hate to see my ladies being ugly towards each other…we got enough plotting against us. You can never be called weak for being the bigger person. If you been beefing with someone call em up and squash that little shit. It aint worth missing out on your best friend/sistar girl/buddy or anything else. Cuss words and all on a Sunday im sharing my thoughts. God know i’m right. 
*for those smacking your lips and saying what Budda on today…im typing this directly to you boo-boo* 🙂

2 thoughts on “Challenge Intermission – Do better Ladies!

  1. PRIMALDATA says:

    I completely agree, unless it is costing you money or time it ain worth it. And if you and who ever can't get along I won't be mad if you decline to show up, just don't show up and start shit.

    And if they can't deal with it, sounds so personal and pitiful


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