Day 29 – Love you for life

29. Write a Love Letter to your soulmate (whether you feel you’ve met them or not)
Hey love I’m glad we found each other. You make my world more beautiful, more bearable. You inspire my smile. You make my heart pitter patter every time you walk in the room. Our conversations are without limits. We agree to disagree. You take my feelings into consideration and care what’s going on with me. The day I walk down the aisle and the pastor announces “I now pronounce you man and wife” will be the best day of my life. (besides the birth of my children) I plan to grow old with you. I plan to be there for you when and if you need me. I will never put your needs above my wants because we are a team. I will gift you the best part of me, my heart. I will enlighten you with my spirit and I will love you from my soul. I will love you for life. I will only pray you will reciprocate the same sentiment. Love always, Angela.

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