Day 28 – Bed buddy anyone?

28. If you had a choice between a love relationship and just sex (guaranteed)… which would you choose?

i have had just a sex based relationship when i was younger and bitter at the relationship thing. But today i wouldnt be able to deal with just sex relationship. I dont wanna be 40 years old still messing with a bed buddy. I love to be in love. I dont know if the current situation doesnt work, i dont find myself interested in another relationship. Only thing even if you have an understanding with someone that “this is just sex” you may develope feelings for that person or vice versa. thats just human nature or me. When i give someone my body its a experience not an action. i have had plenty of opportunities to just be someone’s bed buddy…but i dont want that anymore. I want to be someones wife, soulmate, lover, and friend. I choose love over lust anyday. 


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