Day 23 – Go together like a horse and carriage…

23~ Do you think love and marriage are synonymous?

Yes i do think love and marriage are synonymous. Why not get married if your are in love? Not day one or just a few months into a relationship, but i think people who are truly in love desire to be forever connected in the biblical sense. I know i am not gonna be running round here throwing flowers and saying I’m in love and be with someone 20+ years and they never ask for my hand in marriage. But check it that’s me. I haven’t been married but when i do say “I Do” there is going to be love involved. That’s my take on this question.


4 thoughts on “Day 23 – Go together like a horse and carriage…

  1. Reggie says:

    I don't know.

    Love is a great reason to get married, but so many people these days end up getting divorced. Often times people marry for other reasons and end up loving each other and staying married, when they weren't initially in love.

    Kinda makes you wonder. With divorce rates so high, why even bother?

    The day after tomorrow I will have been married for 22 years. That seems a long long time. The reality is though that when I go out to eat with the Mrs, we don't get an egg roll or nothing for that.

    It is what it is.


  2. Thee_Kween says:

    Yea, the “never-beens” are always somewhat hopeful. Ask the “don't-wannabe-nomores” and the “never-doing-it-agains” and you will surely end up with a different perspective. Mine was different, too though and I've never been.

    I'm almost over the idea…


  3. No Labels says:

    I'm still one of the hopefuls, but I am also realistic.

    I know just because they have to be synonymous with me (I can't do a loveless marriage) doesn't mean it happens or happened with everyone. I respect if someone is a bit cautious (jaded) if one has been badly burned by a previous marriage.

    This reminds me of a battle of words between a guy and two of my close online friends regarding this..he kept accusing them of being bitter; he thought my viewpoint was refreshing, and they should be more like me. I told him it wasn't right for him to be that way towards them; they had a right to their feelings because they had bad experiences. Of course I can have some level of optimism…I haven't walked down that aisle; I'm not going to drop kick the folks who don't…



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