Day 20 – Distant Lover… love

20~ Do you believe in Long Distance/Internet Love? Why or Why not?  Yes i believe in both/experienced both.
Pictured above is my ex boyfriend Darryl we had a 2 1/2 year relationship even tho I live in Cleveland and he lived in Mobile, Alabama. I was on vacation August 24,2005 when i met him. swept me off my feet with all that southern hospitality and charm. We moved fast, too fast. We made love the night Hurricane Katrina touched down. Wind blowing alarms going off and windows boarded up…we forgot we were in danger. For 2 years i flew back in forth visiting at least twice a month and it worked until he allowed someone to obtain my number and call me. I wasn’t dumb i knew the distance was hard for him but i never thought it would get back to me. I spent Mardi Gras of 2007 with him and his family and cried like a baby when i got to the airport (i told him bout  the phone call) cause i knew i wasn’t coming back….and he knew it too. We still check on each other from time to time. Long distance is hard but works for people who are honest patient and are truly in love.

 I believe internet love is cool. Picture above is Billy aka Billy Best Dressed (Y360)
We had a thing going on for a long time. I was his internet boo…so to say. We talked all day every day. We Skype’d Messenger, phone sex you name it. We never connected in person tho. He lived in California and was a bit of a ladies man as i soon found out from the backdoor messages i got from many people. He made me happy and i think that was more than enough. I had been celibate for 7+months when we met and made it an official year thanks to the distance. I wouldn’t do it now cause i desire a more hands on relationship. Trust is important with both of these relationships.


6 thoughts on “Day 20 – Distant Lover… love

  1. bigbruhBT says:

    I always press the “Post Comments(Atom) page on your blog and get this weird link with thousands of letters lol. Anyway that was my random though out loud, bigups to you for being so open and honest and knowing what it is that you want and need now. Yahoo 360 was RIDICULOUS and I'll leave it at that, good post Angie.


  2. Reggie says:

    I wouldn't want to do the long distance thing. Hell I was celibate the first 15 years of my life, I don't want to be celibate ever again.

    I remember him from Yahoo 360, or maybe I just remember you and him from there. I miss Yahoo 360 still.


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