Day 18 – Stuck in the middle with you…

18~ Have you ever been in a love triangle…with you as the object of desire?

i’ve been in this position self inflicted tho. I was dating this guy and he cheated on me and we fell out. didnt see him for months and didnt care. I met a guy out and about and we kicked it for a while i decided to be intimate with him and it was intense…very intense. 

One day he is over and he sees pics of my ex and says its his ex-wife brother…I’m like wow and oh well I’m gonna continue to see him. We were just bed buddies at that point. Fast forward a few months and the ex is trying to get back in good with me. We have a few dates nothing serious. things tapered off with me and the other dude ( i got bored) He was not a stable guy as i found out. I saw him out at the club several times spoke briefly and kept it moving. 

Late one night early morning after i get in from the club. My doorbell ringing and someone knocking…i look off the porch and its the dude . I’m pissed cause he showed up unannounced acting crazy. Y’all he flattened my tired and bust out my window…on my car. Told him i was cool on him we were done. He fixed my stuff the next day and we were done. But he also said he was gonna tell ole boy about us… i said cool cause i didn’t owe neither ANYTHING. Secret out but they still chasing the budda juice. I told them both i was cool cause i couldn’t put myself in the middle of their (friendship/brotherinlaw) thing. I could have did it y’all but nope. 


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