Day 14 – Let’s take a long walk….

14. Recreate your most romantic date (a real one)
This is a hard one cause most of the time I’m trying to clear my head of the past bullshit but here goes.
Been sitting here for 10-15 minutes and…..I got nothing.  I can tell you that one of the most romantic fantasy dates for me would be an evening of conversation, a nice walk along the lake during sunset. A nice seafood restaurant, with dim lights, good music and great company. Going to a grown folk’s spot that plays nothing but grown folks music with reasonable drink prices, and nice servers. A date that will get up and boogie with me and rub my feet when they start hurting. He would take me home and come in for a nightcap (me or the Hen) and we would wake up and implant that memory forever in our data bank. Not saying I haven’t had one of these dates I just can’t say I have had my most romantic date as of yet… in one way or the other there was romance. 

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