Day 13 – Flaws & All

13~ Do you believe in unconditional love?

My thoughts on unconditional love is the love i receive from my children. They love me like i love my mom. No matter what she does, says i love her no different. I’ve found that kinda of love with them is priceless.

Now with the grown folks its different. People can say i love you no matter what and then something crazy happens and the love is gone. *pause* 
“After the love is gone what used to be right is wrong can whats been lost be found” ~ Earth Wind & Fire.

I don’t know about y’all but i feel like its unconditional when the person can accept that your not perfect and you will not always live up to their standards. I honestly can say there is no limit on unconditional love…some people will go through the fire and the rain for their love. They will endure the cheating, the one sided relationship, the lack of attention cause they love the person so much.

 My answer is yes i believe in unconditional love. Its hella unreachable in my opinion. 
I cry with Beyonce on the video below cause its very rare to find someone who accepts u at your best and your worst.


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