Day 8 – Who will i choose?

8~ Do you think you can be in love with two people at the same time?

I think you can…just cause a relationship ends and another one begins doesn’t mean you don’t still have feelings for the person you once were head over heels for. It turns into a different kind of love at that point. 
i love what we had
i love when we did that
i love the day you
i love every moment of
you don’t forget you just focus that attention on someone who deserves it at the present time. 
Like the song Jasmine Sullivan sings “I’m in love with another man” she didn’t tell her boo that she didn’t love him any less but she did say my heart it with someone else. I would recommend leading two people on cause they will not understand why you are conflicted especially if they are planted into the relationship.

Another song Who will i choose by Chris Bender he says “one girl fulfill my physical needs, the other other girl provides for me mentally” He has different reasons why he loves these two women. It’s not right but that’s where his heart is..
My answer is yes you can but you have to choose eventually…


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