Day 7- Have you ever?

7. Have you ever loved somebody deeply? Explain

Yes I have…i can honestly say I have. Ive been in many relationships where there had been “strong like” but didn’t reach the plateau of head over heels.
I can say I was in love with my son’s father. He prolly was my first love honestly. He had my nose wide open, and to this day I can say I love him from day one. My mom used to say it was puppy love cause I wasn’t very experienced.
He could tell me any thing and I would be like “OK Reggie” He had my little heart in the palm of his hands. He would laugh at my multiple pages (it was the 90’s)  to his pager. He loved that I was sweating him. His kiss was gentle, his hands were mechanical, his words were like music and I was his audience.
In hindsight i think he is the reason I’m so hell bent on never being so in love I forget about my standards. I bore his child in December of 1997 alone suffering from preeclampsia…that’s when I  knew I was deeply in love alone….and let him go. Its gonna take a superman to  get deep in that spot ever again.


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