Day 6 – Love and Truth Challenge – Tru Love

Day 6- What is your idea of true love?

True love to me is love you never have to question. You never have to doubt that the person is for you and you for them. You know in your heart and soul that this may be the one for you.

True love is always seen in my kids eyes they love their mother so much and since the day i discovered they were floating around in my pelvic area i knew i would have love forever. That’s my guaranteed true love.

When your heart pitter patters every time he or she is in the same room. When they are hurting you are hurting. When your on cloud nine they are floating right next to you. You never have to ask yourself is this too much, no its just right. True love doesn’t mean birds chirping and flowers blooming all the time.

There should never be a thought that every day will be perfect. You will argue, disagree, you will not see eye to eye on every single thing. If you do agree on EVERYTHING, to me something wrong and the shit will hit the fan sooner or later. Its okay to differ in opinion but come to a fair compromise.

True love is unquestionable. Unbreakable and has no rules. Its unconditional flaws and all.


5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Love and Truth Challenge – Tru Love

  1. Reggie says:


    When I think of love, I think in terms of how I feel when I'm not with that special person; as opposed to how I feel when we're together.

    Does that make sense?!?


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