Day 5 – Love and Truth Challenge- "I gotta Love Jones"

5~ Favorite Romantic Movie

Love Jones Featuring Lorenz Tate and Nia Long…my favorite romantic movie.

I love this movie have watched it 1,000 times and I still get misty when they kiss at the end of the movie.It has a poetic edge to it as he (Darrius Lovejoy) woos Nina with his way with words and the ability to make her smile. She is a nostalgic photographer with major baggage and he is an author with a few of his own relationship demons. They mesh well together until misunderstanding and a lack of honesty separates the two. This movie reminds me that you cant put people into situation hoping for a certain reaction or thinking i’m gonna do this and see what happens. Don’t play around with love. 

Im a fan of both these actors so to see them together in that film was wonderful. The song that plays in my head when i think of this movie is Kem’s Love Calls  “there’s nowhere to hide when love is calling your name you fall apart”. I’ll share with you the spoken word he dropped to catch her ear and capture her heart. *snap snap* my friends. A blues for Nina (Brotha to the night)


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