Day 3 – L&T Challenge – All I Ever Think About Is You

3~ Last/Most Recent Love…what they meant/mean to you…

*smirking* my current love is a sweet one. We once dated many years ago and kinda went different directions. I was a mother of two he had no kids, he loved to travel and go out partying and i couldn’t. I’m not sure what drove us apart but when we reconnected it was like nothing had changed between us. Except for his marriage and my round of bad men. (hangs head)

His mother loves me as well as his sister. He waited my 90 day courting period even tho we had a history, to prove he was after my heart and not my Budda. He makes me feel wanted, sexy, beautiful. He likes to show me off when we go somewhere together he takes pride in noticing someone else is watching me. He feels lucky, almost like he doesnt deserve me at times. He encorages me to continue to just be me. He reads my work, he gives me praise, he offers motivation.

i guess when you come from a relationship that the person always told you, if you do this or that then you would be the perfect one for me. To someone who accepts you flaws and all, loves when you pout, adores your raggedy hair scarf and that you have GI issues you can’t control.His touch, his kiss, that million dolla smile he flashes gets me everytime. I can be mad as ever and that smile will cause temporary amnesia. We have had our first test recently and hopefully we will get past it.

i remember the day he told me he loved me. We went to see Kem on March 17th and the show was very moving…the words of those songs reminded us, of us. No we weren’t in the bed making love…we were having a conversation. “I never stopped loving you” will forever stay embedded in my head. Cause even if we didnt reconnect i hope that would have been his answer if we met in heaven. I dont think God makes mistakes…we as humans do. I’m hoping that this time is the right time. I’m not gonna lie i have a high hope for my love life and i’m praying for success this go round.


10 thoughts on “Day 3 – L&T Challenge – All I Ever Think About Is You

  1. anthony says:

    Some things are meant to be…..and even tho the years has past us we still managed to find our way back,problems we will conquer love is the ticket and its always been there,so Mz.White ur high hopes for a good love is right here,what u been praying for has been in the making since our first time…if we believe we will achieve**big huggs& wet kisses…… 😉


  2. Humble BE says:

    “All this love.. is waiting here for you.” After reading your blog that is the song that came to my mind. I loved this soo much! Especially this part.

    “I can be mad as ever and that smile will cause temporary amnesia.”

    That is the best!


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