Day 20 – Erotic Truth Challenge – Oppps…i tinkled a bit

20. Tell a story of your most embarrassing sexual experience..

OK i said i would tell the truth so here goes…..
i was dating this guy a few years back for bout a year. We had such a good time, passionate sex, and we smoked sooo much weed it was a damn shame. (don’t judge) One night we went to the bar and got wasted i mean if he didn’t live five minutes down the street from the reggae bar we would be in trouble. We could have paid Don Julio’s’ mortgage that night. We had smoked before we went out and planned on having a night cap and going to bed. We get home and he wasted no time lifting my dress and pushing me on the sofa. (i like that spontaneous sex) His legs begin to buckle of course cause we fucked up. We fall on the floor and keep at it…I’m on top getting rug burn then he eating me out and getting elbow burn lol. We are going at it y’all balcony door open breeze from the lake cooling our hot passion sweaty action it was all good. I think i passed out, he must have carried me into the bedroom cause that’s where i woke up. He wasn’t next to me and i heard voices in the living room..but my dress wasn’t there it was prolly behind the couch. I knew it was his normal crew coming over to smoke and play the damn football game. 
I had to pee so i grab his T-shirt and tipped out the room. I made it in the bathroom and took care of my business but as i came out my boo came in closed the door and gave it to me on the counter. This dumb dumb cant hear me saying stop i gotta pee (i had alot of liquor and a weak ass bladder) and is giving it to me. To make my long story short I couldn’t hold it anymore and i released a little… his ass stopped then and apologized for getting lost in the Budda…lol He left me get myself together and tucked me in the bed. the next morning we had a great big laugh out of it…and it was the running joke til the moment we parted. Every time i think of him that incident pops up in my head…i hope he didn’t tell nobody but God. *Shrugs* 


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