Day 18 – Erotic Truth Challenge ~ You Me & She

18. Tell a sexual triangle short story

Sasha wanted to give her man a special birthday gift…he had always spoke of wanting some girl on girl threesome action but Sasha had steered away from that life in her early 20’s. She had  a girlfriend named Lexus who was more than willing to help her full fill the fantasy.
Alonzo was scheduled to get off work at 5:30p and we weren’t gonna waste time. From the moment he came in the house we ravished him gave him exactly what he wanted. Every which-a-way he wanted it…and then some. He was appreciative of this “gift” and thanked us both very well.
A few days later Lexus pops up to chat. She has a slinky sheer almost not there dress on and she is carrying a shopping bag. she asks Sasha to go try on the dress she bought her  and she gets up to grab a glass of champagne while she waits. Sasha comes out working the dress, modeling it like a runway diva and Lexus starts biting her lip ready to spring into action. she walks over to Sasha to examine the fit and begins to touch her in the right places. Lexus knows Sasha doesn’t travel in that life anymore but she must have her. She took her to places she hadn’t been too in a long time. She sucked her soul and licked her funky emotion til a tear escaped from her eye. 
They didn’t pay attention to the time and as they heard the the sounds of music coming from the garage they hurried to get dressed before Alonzo came in. You see her didn’t approve of Sasha going back to that life again. The birthday gift was just his fantasy he shared when they were first married. Sasha and Lexus pulled off straight faces…but when Alonzo kissed Sasha and smelled the scent of another woman on her lips he couldn’t hide his disapproval…but he didn’t address it either.
This carried on for many months and little did Sasha know her husband had it all on film…he watched these woman have sex almost every other day. Sasha didn’t slip on her wifely duties she was a master “head doctor” and rode the dick  like nobodies business. But he couldn’t match the addiction she had for the same sex. 
Alonzo decided to put a stop to this sneaking around and tell his wife how he felt. That day he decided to park down the street and walk to the house to catch them in action. As he entered the sliding door he could here Lexus’s moans and the sound of sucking coming from the kitchen. Sasha had Lexus propped on the counter devouring her like a platter of food. He motioned for Lexus’s to not alert Sasha. He watched for a few minutes before he allowed Sasha to know he was present. He wanted to just tell her to leave and have a great lesbian life but the hard on in his pants…was telling him this may work out. He released his manhood from his pants and invited Sasha to apologize for the things she had been doing. He pushed her head further in to Lexus’s pussy and proceeded to fuck Sasha from the back while he fondled Lexus’s breast. Its been six years since that happened and now Lexus and Sasha are both pregnant…living in the same home and getting it in on a regular. Alonzo is a lucky man. 


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