Day 8 – Erotic Truth Challenge -Taken by force

What is your definition of rape? Date rape?
My definition is anything sexual that is taken by force or intimidation when there has been a vocal/physical declination to an advance. In other words if I don’t invite you to my party and you take it…you raped me. If I said NO, that’s means no mofo!!!
Date rape is the act of the above actions coerced by medicinal mind altering drugs. These drugs can render you helpless, unresponsive, and the memory loss can affect the whole day before the incident as a blur. In and out of consciousness and the sensation to feel pain doesn’t go anywhere. This happens to many college kids and ladies who don’t watch their drinks in bars. O_o my mom told me when I first started stepping out to never leave my drink laying around cause someone could “slip me a Mickey” so I followed directions but i’ve had a few friends who woke up looking at a stranger and not knowing how they get there.

All in all it’s wrong and it should be punished by castration male or female…rehab isn’t going to cure a rapist. (My opinion)

5 thoughts on “Day 8 – Erotic Truth Challenge -Taken by force

  1. Icnonlybme says:

    I was taught the same thing and unfortunately there's a guy around here that is living proof.

    Someone slipped some acid in his drink and he's been a little off since.


  2. Thee_Kween says:

    I wish people weren't so twisted. I don't think it's a matter of whether they know right from wrong. I think folks are off balanced. I've read that rape is about power and nothing more. It's not about being turned on or seduced. It's about the ability to control and subdue a victim. Can't even go out to a club without the fear of violation…

    Nice post…NICE visual!


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